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and IoT

How Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Blockchain are shaping the future





Enjoy the content from an engaging webinar that takes an in-depth look at Emerging Technologies and IoT. 



When it comes to innovation, we've arguably seen more technological advancements over the last ten years than at any other point in time. Technology as we know it is changing before our eyes. We see the merging of the digital and physical worlds through technologies such as augmented reality; artificial intelligence enables computers to think faster than humans, and blockchain technology is considered by many to be the greatest technological innovation since the internet. 

More importantly, we're not only seeing new technologies but the convergence and intersection of multiple technologies as they extend and create new capabilities through their collaboration. The era of combinatorial innovation is upon us, and the combined impact of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies on Connected Industry will be unprecedented.

This webinar provides an opportunity to explore and consider the applications of new technologies as they related to IoT and Connected Industry.  We'll take a look at:

  • The current status of AI, AR, blockchain and distributed ledger tecnologies and their role in empowering Connected Industry
  • Benefits and risks of evolution
  • Use cases across multiple industries
  • Future timelines and  predictions
  • And much more.... 


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Ed Maguire, Insights Partner, Momenta Partners

Ed brings more than 17 years of Wall Street experience in equity research and investment banking to Momenta, with deep domain expertise in enterprise software.  He has proven success identifying strategic opportunities and articulating actionable insights based on rigorous analysis of technology, operations, competition and markets.  Most recently he was senior analyst and managing director at CLSA Americas covering the software industry, technology and innovation.




Ken Forster, Managing Director, Momenta Partners

Connected Industry veteran building ‘connected’ products, services, and businesses for over 25 years with senior leadership roles at ThingWorx, Syngenta, Coca-Cola and Philip Morris. He co-founded three industrial automation companies and was an early leader in open architecture control systems. Ken resides in Switzerland and maintains an office in the 'cloud'.


Harumi Urata Thompson.png


Harumi Urata-Thompson, Co-Founder of Airvantis; CFO, Global Cyber Consultants 

Harumi is a founder, corporate executive, a board member, an advisor and independent consultant to a number of organizations with a rich history of business knowledge and acumen. She was the Chief Operating Officer for CFA Society New York (previously New York Society of Security Analysts), a nonprofit affiliate of the CFA Institute.  She holds Bachelor of Business from Sophia University and an MBA from INSEAD.





Brian Rogers, 

VP of Product, Augmate, and Co-Founder & Chairman, Columbia Blockchain Alliance

Brian has worked in Fortune 500 businesses and as an entrepreneur having started several of his own companies. He is also an innovator holding two patents pending for advanced video technology showcased at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech. Brian also founded the Machine Learning Society NY Chapter and holds a BA, Economics from Denison University and an MS, Technology Management from Columbia University.



Jordan Fried, VP of Business Develompent, Swirlds

Joardan is in charge of BD for Swirlds Inc, the company behind the Hashgraph consensus algorithm. Previously Jordan was the Co-Founder and CEO of Buffered VPN, the fastest growing personal VPN service online which was acquired in the first quarter of 2017.