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Posted by Ed Maguire - Insights Partner on November 21, 2017

Value Vector: The convergence of blockchain technology and IoT is ripe for enterprise solutions  (Part 1)

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One of the most important, and least understood technologies today is blockchain, which underlies Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  The revolutionary aspect of blockchain's center is decentralization, which means that secure peer-to-peer transactions can be conducted over networks without an intermediary.  While much of the focus of blockchain's implications has been on the financial sector, there is significant promise for the Industrial IoT, for supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, energy and other areas.  This two-part article looks at some of the ways blockchain and IoT can collectively benefit enterprise and its implications for Connected Industry. 


Posted by Pavan Singh - Strategy Partner on October 26, 2017

Value Vector: The Future of LPWAN – Low Power, High Impact Technology Accelerating IoT (Part 2)

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In the first part of our Series on LPWAN, we covered the emergence of LPWAN, the relevance to IOT and the deployment models. In this blog, we will cover the economics of LPWAN, the use cases and what the future of LPWAN might look like.

Posted by Pavan Singh - Strategy Partner on October 24, 2017

Value Vector: How LPWAN technologies are accelerating IoT adoption  (Part 1)

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LPWAN technologies are transformative and have accelerated the IOT use cases that can be deployed now.

What is LPWAN?  A brief overview

The promise of IoT is often described by the “billions of things” connected. For first few years of the IoT market, a significant obstacle was the ability to connect sensors. Since then, we have made rapid progress in connecting everything from cows to environmental sensors. One technology responsible for this connectivity is LPWAN.

Posted by Danny Yu - Managing Partner on September 6, 2017

Momenta Partners Invests In FreeWire Technologies

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Momenta Partners, Connected Industry Growth Partners, announced today they have invested in FreeWire Technologies’ ongoing $10.5M Series A financing round. In addition to venture capital, Momenta will provide Executive Search and Advisory support, thus delivering holistic value to FreeWire during this vital phase in the company’s scaling-up period.

Posted by Sandra Mueller - Marketing Partner on August 29, 2017

Ed Maguire interviewed for FutureTech Podcast on Momenta Partners

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Richard Jacobs, from FutureTech Podcast, interviews Ed Maguire, Principal Partner at Momenta Partners.

In this podcast Ed describes Momenta Partners' DNA, investment thesis and focus on Cultivating Connected Industry.  

Momenta Partners are Connected Industry Growth Partners with Strategic Advisory,  Executive Search, M&A and Ventures practices hyper-focused on Industrial IoT.   We are deep practitioners, driving technology-enabled digital transformations.

Posted by Danny Yu - Managing Partner on August 24, 2017

Parquery Closes First Seed Round, including Momenta Partners

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Parquery, a Swiss analytics startup and Momenta Partners portfolio company, today announced the closing of its seed round In addition to Momenta Partners, participants include strategic investor Hectronic GmbH, investment firms such as Rancilio Cube, Strowlers Ventures as well as experienced angel investors. In particular, Hectronic’s extensive experience in the parking and refueling industries will efficiently support Parquery in getting access to markets worldwide.