October 3-5: Momenta Connected Industry Pavilion at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona


Momenta Partners invites you to visit our Connected Industry Pavilion at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017, October 3-5 in Barcelona, Spain - featuring our Connected Industry portfolio companies: RevTwo, Expeto and ThingStream.

The third IoT Solutions World Congress is dedicated to Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions in real-world applications. The event brings IoT providers and industry together for three days of discussion and networking. Influential thinkers will reveal how IoT affects industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Transportation and more.

We’d love to see you at the IoT Solutions Congress in Barcelona!

Momenta Partners will host a pavilion at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017, October 3 - 5 in Barcelona, Spain. 

Momenta Partners management team will attend and exhibit at the Momenta Partners Pavilion along with several of our exciting Connected Industry ecosystem companies, including:

  • RevTwo: Platform for Smarter Products Enabled by Smarter Support.  RevTwo’s data-first approach combines AI and machine data to solve customer problems virtually eliminating the need for tier 1 and 2 support agents while providing an optimized support experience for today’s smart product customers. 
  • Thingstream: A unique global M2M connectivity proposition that delivers true ubiquity, security and better connectivity for IoT applications via the world's first global IoT connectivity platform. The platform’s innovative status has already received recognition, receiving the 2017 IoT Evolution Product of the Year.
  • Expeto: A software platform developed by a former Oracle and AT&T team, that delivers an end-to-end LTE network virtualization solution that returns control of IoT device security and network provisioning to the enterprise, Expeto helps to secure & control wireless devices & data behind firewalls. Developed over the past two years, the technology is already being tested.

If you are planning to attend the biggest Industrial IoT event in Europe, be sure to visit Momenta Partner’s Connected Industry Pavilion in booth B210.

Or better yet, schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our experts ahead of time!