Scaling corporate

Connected Industry

As successful founders, we invest and work directly with our companies to precisely Cultivate growth.

Our Cultivator tm is a rapid, risk mitigated approach to scale innovation for enterprise clients across horizontal value chains.  We leverage the full breadth of the Momenta Partners integrated practices, and our deep connected ecosystem to ideate meaningful concepts for real customer problems and rapidly activate the creation of viable start-ups or joint ventures.

Lauren Salisbury leads IoT Cultivation
We don’t see startups as fungible widgets to be incubated and accelerated, but source or create each to deliver a critical component of our Connected Industry thesis
Lauren Salisbury, Advisory Partner
IOT Cultivator

Unique ideation approach

Our value-chain innovation approach recognizes the largest IoT opportunities are horizontal and disrupts traditional innovation silos through the collaboration of horizontal value-chains to innovate together, having a powerful impact on the realization of the opportunity.

Startup Cultivator


Where traditional innovation often stops, our Cultivator comes to life to harden concepts and activate start-up and joint venture opportunities towards accelerated outcomes.  We activate the entire life cycle of companies in this ecosystem, giving unrivaled access to industry leaders and innovative start-ups alike.

Connected Industry Cultivator


We have proven this approach in over 30 investments, leading to 4 exits.  Our specialized teams for Investment, Executive Search, Advisory and Exit planning cultivate your corporate innovation towards rapid results.