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Deeper explorations into Connected Industry and beyond

Welcome to the Momenta Edge podcast series, which feature leading practitioners and thinkers across Connected Industry, Digital Transformation (DX) and the digital technology landscape.  The podcast format allows for more free-form and in-depth explorations of topics of interest, and we’re targeting guests that provide unique perspectives and practical experience on connected industries and technologies, and relevant adjacencies. Keep an eye out for our upcoming guests.  We welcome any comments, feedback or show suggestions – please send to

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Ed Maguire
Insights Partner: New York
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner: New York
Ed brings more than 17 years of Wall Street experience in equity research and investment banking to Momenta, with deep domain expertise in enterprise software.  He has proven success identifying strategic opportunities and articulating actionable insights based on rigorous analysis of technology, operations, competition and markets.  Most recently he was senior analyst and managing director at CLSA Americas covering the software industry, technology and innovation.

Posted by Sandra Mueller - Marketing Partner on June 28, 2018

Webinar #9: Unpacking IoT Platforms - A Practitioner's Perspective


During this webinar we discussed the key characteristics, capabilities, advantages, challenges and considerations involved with choosing and implementing platforms into Connected Industry businesses.


We took a look at:

  • What is an IoT Platform?
  • How platforms create value
  • The dynamics of IoT platform markets
  • Platform strategies and use cases
  • How to choose the right IoT platform

Posted by Sandra Mueller - Marketing Partner on May 31, 2018

Webinar #8: Connecting the World at Large: Exploring LPWA Technologies and Opportunities

Webinars Events Advisory

We are excited to invite you to our next webinar on Low Power Wide Area Networks. This webinar will explore the variety of  low-power, wide area network technologies at market, how they differ, and the various criteria that need to be considered before a business should invest into a LPWA structure. 

Momenta's Ed Maguire and special guests will take a critical look at the current market landscape, providing deep industry insights by experienced technologists who will share first-hand use cases and offer thought-provoking insights into how this technology is transforming connected industry. 


Posted by Sandra Mueller - Marketing Partner on March 20, 2018

Webinar #7 -  Emerging Technologies and IoT

Webinars Events Advisory

We invite you to attend our next webinar on Emerging Technologies and IoT. This webinar will explore how key emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technologies are being applied to advance visons for Connected Industry. 

Momenta's Ed Maguire and Ken Forster and special guests will take a critical look at some of the most cutting-edge innovations of late, providing deep industry insights by experienced technologists who will relate first hand use cases and offer thought-provoking insights into how technology is transforming connected industry.


Posted by Sandra Mueller - Marketing Partner on January 25, 2018

Webinar #6 - The Intelligent Edge

Events Webinars Advisory

Watch Momenta Partners and guests to take a deeper look the emergence of Edge, mobile edge, and fog computing and the challenge to solve the pain points of IoT data. 

With the explosion of Internet-connected devices that help us make sense of our world through data collection and analytics, we’re seeing a distributed model emerge with the rise of edge and mobile edge computing. Edge computing platforms operate closer to the network edge, and closer to things and data sources, integrating the capabilities of networks, storage, and applications. A report by IDC in 2015 predicted that by 2019, 45% of IoT created data will be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon close to, or at the edge of the network. 


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Posted by Sandra Mueller - Marketing Partner on December 7, 2017

Webinar #5 - Blockchain and Connected Industry: Applications and Implications

Webinars Events Advisory

Watch Momenta Partners and guests to take a deeper look at the blockchain as an emerging technology and how it may meet some of the challenges of the IoT in industry.

This webinar covers the current industry landscape, highlight the use of blockchain technology in IoT applications, and provide an overview of IOTA technology, which was developed to provide speed and scalability necessary to support industrial IoT use cases

Join Ed Maguire and his guests:

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Posted by Sandra Mueller - Marketing Partner on September 20, 2017

Webinar #4 - Predictive Maintenance and the Industrial IoT - Hype, Reality, and Opportunity

Events Webinars Advisory

Join Momenta Partners and Augury to understand the Hype, Reality and Opportunity

Predictive Maintenance promises to unlock massive savings, efficiency gains and growth opportunities by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Connected Industry. 


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