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Deeper explorations into Connected Industry and beyond

Join our biweekly podcast where our guests share pivotal experiences, lessons learned and critical insights into the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and humanity.
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner

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Digital Leadership Series
Showcases established leaders in business and technology.

    SingularityNET is an open source-based platform for developing and sharing artificial intelligence Co-Founded by Ben Goertzel and David Hanson of Hanson Robotics (best know for the Sophia robot). In our conversation with Arif Khan, CMO for SingularityNET, he outlines the current challenges relating to the centralization of AI capabilities and the risks that come when bad actors exploit systems that lack transparency. He shares the open source vision for SingularityNET, a platform and community dedicated to enabling collaborative, open development and sharing of AI and machine learning technologies. The opportunities and vision of the project, along with the accelerator and incubated businesses, seek to democratize access to innovation and powerful capabilities in a transparent and egalitarian fashion. Lastly, he shares some of the relevant work ongoing to leverage robots to help people with meditation, a confluence of technology and humanity to provide better outcomes.   

Digital Disruptors Spotlights
Showcases up and coming firms poised to disrupt, transform and define industries.
  • Jay Allardyce is the Chief Product Officer at Uptake. Our conversation touched on his extensive background in technology and analytics from his time at HP, Vertica and GE prior to joining Uptake. We discuss the evolution of the market around analytic software, some of the key experiences and lessons from working with different types of customers and business problems, and the unique value-add that AI provides when embedded in business process. We discuss the landscape of IoT platforms and the critical elements for success both in terms of the platform as well as in organizations adopting advanced connected solutions, and dive into some of the aspects of the energy industry that make it a unique, and exciting sector for innovation. Lastly, he shares his vision for AI-powered transformation and the unique opportunities across different industries today.   

Uncomon Perspectives
Showcases original thinkers with a uniquely informed views of business, economics, society, technology and the interplay across categories of expertise.
  • Tomer Shiran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dremio, which is a new company that’s doing a lot of really interesting work at the intersection of cloud technology and data. In our conversation he outlines the challenges that have faced different waves of big data technology, and the origins for the Dremio solution. He shares the company’s unique approach to enabling big data analytics from a variety of data sources. He also shares the implications of recent consolidation in the market, and opines on the broad potential value add from applied analytics across industries.

151 Advisors podcasts
Showcases proven IoT solutions that will have an effect on your bottom line.

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