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Deeper explorations into Connected Industry and beyond

Join our biweekly podcast where our guests share pivotal experiences, lessons learned and critical insights into the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and humanity.
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner

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Digital Leadership Series
  • Mike Flannagan’s extensive experience in technology and Connected Industry has placed him at the nexus of the evolution of industrial IoT and digital transformation. Our conversation explored best practices around digital transformation, the role that technology companies can play in helping to drive changes to business processes and the value add of analytics in broad context. He shared perspectives on how best to bridge the culture gaps between technology and core business along with framing priorities and considerations to best position for digital success. The discussion turned to AI – the implications, potential and challenges as these technologies have moved to the forefront of business discussions. Most important, we discussed the risks of historical biases becoming encoded in future algorithms, and the imperative to ensuring that diverse voices and opportunities harness the best talent in the fairest possible manner.

Digital Disruptors Spotlights
Uncomon Perspectives

Why you should listen to our podcast:

Digital Leadership Series
The Digital Leadsehip series showcases established leaders in business and technology.  These conversations showcase unique and valuable insights, lessons and best practices around digital transformation.  Access the thinking of the world’s most accomplished practitioners as Momenta’s Ed Maguire explores their experiences and perspectives.

Digital Disruptor Series
The Digital Disruptor series showcases up and coming firms poised to disrupt, transform and define industries.  We interview founders to explore the genesis of their ideas, the market landscape they operate in, the potential implications of change in the industry, and gain insights in the business, team and investor.  Momenta’s Ed Maguire leads these unique conversations with the minds behind some the world’s most compelling disruptive ideas. 

Uncommon Perspectives
The Uncommon Perspectives series showcases original thinkers, leaders and practitioners with a uniquely informed views of business, economics, society, technology and the interplay across categories of expertise.  Momenta’s Ed Maguire explores guests share fascinating experiences and insights that are relevant on a personal and professional level.

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