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Join our biweekly podcast where our guests share pivotal experiences, lessons learned and critical insights into the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and humanity.
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner

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Digital Disruptors Spotlights
Showcases up and coming firms poised to disrupt, transform and define industries.
  • Dr. Francois Laborie is President of Cognite North America. Our conversation covered his background working in aerospace for EADS (now Airbus) and how his first hand experience working with supply chains, the assembly line and early iterations of augmented reality helped shape his views of how information analysis is critical to optimizing business processes. We discuss some of the unique aspects of working with industrial data, and he highlights the work that Cognite is doing with key clients to help bridge disparate information systems and deliver relevant value add insights to users.  

Uncomon Perspectives
Showcases original thinkers with a uniquely informed views of business, economics, society, technology and the interplay across categories of expertise.
  • Dean Nelson is Chairman and Founder of Infrastructure Masons, with a thirty year career in technology working at companies including Sun Microsystems, Ebay and Uber Technologies. Our conversation explored the work that Infrastructure Masons is doing to help advance training, education, mentoring and internships to cultivate the next generation of talent need to design, build and manage the explosive growth of hyper-scale data centers, edge computing and other critical infrastructure for the information age. He shares the challenges facing the industry with the pending shortages of talent, the broad interdisciplinary skills in demand and the global nature of the industry. He also shares some of his own perspectives on the demands involved with sourcing and delivering the massive data center capacity required to support the explosive volumes of video and other applications today and in the future. He also shares some of the implications of the “Jetsons”-like Uber Elevate service, which could transform cities as we know them.    

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