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Deeper explorations into Connected Industry and beyond

Join our biweekly podcast where our guests share pivotal experiences, lessons learned and critical insights into the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and humanity.
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner

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Digital Leadership Series
Showcases established leaders in business and technology.
  • Lory Kehoe has scaled ConsenSys Ireland from a single employee a year ago to 42 today to meet the demands of the company’s broad client base. In our conversation, he shares his background in strategy explaining how ConsenSys, led by Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, is leading the way in enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies. He shares a number of notable projects including Komgo.io, which is a trade finance company, as well as the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum which is focused on educating and informing policy. ConsenSys is focused on leveraging the size and scale of the Ethereum community of developers and stakeholders, which is over 30x the size of the next largest blockchain project. The company is working to realize the visions of companies as they look to take advantage of blockchain-enabled transformation from physical to digital, from illiquid to liquid assets, how to tokenize and sell previously illiquid, discrete assets in new ways. ConsenSys Ireland is at the forefront of efforts in the EU.  

Digital Disruptors Spotlights
Showcases up and coming firms poised to disrupt, transform and define industries.
  • Marc Fleury is a technologist, physicist, investor, musician and something of a Renaissance man. We discuss the history of the open source company he founded, JBoss, which was sold to Red Hat, along with some of the advantages, challenges and insights that came from building a business around an open source enterprise middleware product. We then dive into Marc’s focus on Smart Cities and the role that cryptocurrencies and blockchain could play into the future as a critical funding mechanism for Smart Cities projects. He shares is insights comparing and contrasting the current state of the industry in Smart Cities along with the blockchain/crypto community. Lastly he shares his work around the Church of Sound, which combines his deep interest in physics, music and consciousness. Marc is a deep thinker with a broad range of interests that he weaves together in a fascinating conversation. 

Uncomon Perspectives
Showcases original thinkers with a uniquely informed views of business, economics, society, technology and the interplay across categories of expertise.
  • Sadagopan Singam is Senior Vice President Global and Business Head for Cloud Native SaaS at HCL Technologies. Our conversation explored his experiences working to implement enterprise applications around the globe, and how the different paces of adoption across regions and key lessons learned have proven relevant for subsequent waves of technology innovation.  He shares his methodical approach to breaking down the key priorities needed to effect successful digital transformation, along with the impact of regulation and governance. The conversation explores the evolutionary processes that organizations need to undergo to be able to harness the value captured in their data, then apply analysis and insights to drive not just efficiencies but whole new approaches to their business. Finally, he shares his optimism for human creativity boosted by technology to help solve the biggest problems of our era.  

151 Advisors podcasts
Showcases proven IoT solutions that will have an effect on your bottom line.

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