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Welcome to the Momenta Edge podcast series, which feature leading practitioners and thinkers across Connected Industry, Digital Transformation (DX) and the digital technology landscape.  The podcast format allows for more free-form and in-depth explorations of topics of interest, and we’re targeting guests that provide unique perspectives and practical experience on connected industries and technologies, and relevant adjacencies. Keep an eye out for our upcoming guests.  We welcome any comments, feedback or show suggestions – please send to

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Ed Maguire
Insights Partner: New York
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner: New York
Ed brings more than 17 years of Wall Street experience in equity research and investment banking to Momenta, with deep domain expertise in enterprise software.  He has proven success identifying strategic opportunities and articulating actionable insights based on rigorous analysis of technology, operations, competition and markets.  Most recently he was senior analyst and managing director at CLSA Americas covering the software industry, technology and innovation.

Posted by Cate Lawrence on December 11, 2018

Value Vector: Your Next Colleague Might Be a Robot

Insights Advisory

For the last few years we've been told that robots will take our jobs, with technology embedded machines that are inserting themselves into industries including the burger flipping robot, customer service greeting robots and those farming the land

Robots have been used in manufacturing for decades to speed production, enhance accuracy and replace human labor. Yet, they're not entirely taking over. There are still plenty of tasks that robots can't do - without the help of a human. Enter the cobots. Cobots or more specifically collaborative robots are "complex machines which work hand in hand with human beings. In a shared work process, they support and relieve the human operator.'' They were invented and patented in 1999 by Ed Colgate and Michael Peshkin, professors of mechanical engineering.  This article takes a look at the use of robots in Connected Industry, addressing some of their challenges and benefits.

Posted by Ed Maguire on December 6, 2018

Value Vector: Germany's AI Investments: An Economic Imperative

Insights Advisory


Recently, the government of Germany announced plans to invest $3 billion into Artificial Intelligence R&D through 2025 in order to increase the company’s competitiveness on the global stage. Investments in AI will be critical to drive productivity and economic growth in coming decades, and Germany has lagged world leaders in development of AI. Over the next five years, France plans to invest 1.5 billion euro in AI, and China has plans to create a state-funded $150 billion industry by 2030. 

Posted by Cate Lawrence on December 4, 2018

Value Vector: Real Use Cases For Blockchain in Enterprise

Insights Advisory

We've witnessed the frenetic momentum around ICOs and heard the exclamation that blockchain technology is the most revolutionary technology since the creation of the Internet. As a technology, the potential of the blockchain reaches far beyond financial transactions to create changes in industries such as insurance, security, shipping and solar energy. The convergence of blockchain and the IoT is becoming increasingly relevant as companies look to solve problems such as security and data privacy and our ability to track and manage billions of connected devices as well as store the data they produce.

Posted by Ed Maguire on November 27, 2018

Value Vector: Cruising Toward the Rise of Self-Driving Cars

Insights Advisory


The advent of truly autonomous vehicles and transportation as a service is compelling, and the vision of thinkers like Tony Seba of a complete transition to electric vehicles in self-driving fleets powered by clean energy and batteries becoming pervasive in the 2020s is riveting. Currently, the investments in self-driving technologies from companies like Tesla, Google, Uber and others are progressing at a stunning speed. Tony Seba predicts that 2021 will the year of inflection where we see self-driving cars take off. Despite regulatory challenges, there’s growing data supporting this view. 

A look at GM’s Cruise to autonomy 

In early November, Tech 2025’s Charlie Oliver hosted a Conversation on Consumer Data and Self-Driving Cars in New York City at the Knightscope pop-up space in midtown with Henry Greenidge, Policy Advisor of Cruise Automation, a subsidiary of General Motors.     

Posted by Cate Lawrence on November 20, 2018

Value Vector: How Data Monetization is Creating a New Economy for Connected Industry

Insights Advisory

The notion that new economies and business models can be developed through the monetization of AI and IoT data is incredibly compelling. This article takes a look at the evolution of IoT data marketplaces and data monetization to date, and explores some of the offerings, alliances, and questions generated.

Posted by Cate Lawrence on November 19, 2018

Nov 28-29 : Meet Our Thought Leaders in the Bay Area

Events Advisory

It's the time of year where conferences and commitments are starting to wind down some, but here at Momenta we like to go out with a bang, and the opportunity to have three team members in speaking slots at stellar events is too good to resist.