Jan 21, 2019
| 4 min read

Podcast #26

The Social Singularity - A Conversation with Max Borders

Author Max Borders tackles an broad range of topics relating to his new book The Social Singularity: How decentralization will allow us to transcend politics, create global prosperity, and avoid the robot apocalypse.   Our conversation covered the factors that have led to the current political disfunction in the US, how unbalanced incentives evolve over time and the profound implications of decentralization. Drawing from the arguments outlined in the book, Borders applies a philosophical lens to understand the roots of decentralization, and how blockchain and related technologies have the potential to reshape power dynamics in organizations, the evolution of hierarchies in society, and the structural dynamics of economies and culture.   

Book Recommendation:

The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge by Matt Ridley  



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