Momenta Edge Podcast #21: On the Verge: How a New Generation of Technologies Solves Blockchain Scale and Usability Challenges - A Conversation with Fred Krueger


Our conversation with Fred Krueger, CEO of Workcoin explores blockchain technology – the promise, the technological shortcomings, critical innovations to drive adoption and the critical role of stable coins. In the podcast, Fred shares what he saw that makes blockchain technology such a breakthrough and he discusses the technological shortcomings of the Ethereum blockchain and the challenges involved with the difficult user experience. Also, the coming generation of easy to use wallets such as EOS Lynx that will make it easy to transact cryptocurrencies and his expectation that we are on the verge of a major demand inflection as several technologies provide truly scalable infrastructure. He also discusses the market dynamics around the rise of freelancing that led him to found Workcoin, and the impact of regulation on how blockchain companies will increasingly be funded.   


Banking on Bitcoin (Netflix) 



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