May 13: Meet Ed Maguire at Blockchain Leadership Connect


As part of New York's first ever Blockchain Week, Blockchain Leadership Connect aims to create a community, which can connect blockchain leaders, developers, and enthusiasts.  The events will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and feature a variety of blockchain experts covering topics including industry trend, real-world application, blockchain adaption, developers guide, open-source software, solutions-based case study and many others.

Momenta's Ed Maguire is offering a session on Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things:

Blockchain technologies offer enormous potential to create massive value with the Internet of Things (IoT), creating opportunities to fundamentally transform business processes, organizations and economies.  Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to unlock potentially trillions of dollars of value through greater efficiencies, visibility, automation and risk reduction by connecting sensors to the physical world and analyzing their data.  Leading companies including GE, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, and others are investing billions of dollars in research and development to enable new platforms and applications. The vision of completely autonomous systems needs a layer of trust and security that blockchain is uniquely suited to provide. 

The session will provide an overview of current dynamics across the IoT landscape and will provide examples of how blockchain technologies are positioned to create transformative value across industries.  Ed Maguire will cover the history of IoT, current market drivers, the dynamics of exponential technology forces, key pain points and shortcomings of existing approaches, and illustrate how different blockchain technologies solve existing problems and enable new business models in the future.

Tickets are available for purchase. If you'd like to make a time to connect with Ed at the conference, please contact us.