Jan 30, 2019
| 5 min read

Podcast #44

LoRaWAN Powers the Next Wave of IoT - Donna Moore, LoRA Alliance

 Donna Moore leads The LoRa Alliance™, a 500-strong consortium dedicated to advancing innovation, interoperability and adoption of the LoRaWANStandard. Our conversation explores the background of the Alliance, the key characteristics of LoRaWANchips and the open standard, and some of the work that the Alliance is facilitating across the ecosystem. LoRa benefits from being a second mover in the low-power wide area market, with much of the evangelizing benefiting awareness of the advantages and implications. Currently there are over 100 network carriers and presence in over 100 countries, so the standard is becoming truly global. With the rapid growth of the ecosystem, The LoRa Alliance™ is helping to accelerate adoption across use cases, industries and markets.   


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