Jan 18, 2019
| 3 min read

Podcast #34

Leveraging Aerial Intelligence – by George Mathew

George Mathew is the CEO and Chairman of Kespry, a provider of Aerial Intelligence solutions for heavy industry – construction, mining, paper and pulp, and insurance. Kespry’s custom built drones capture visual information from the air, helping its clients create digital twins to improve performance, visibility and reduce risk. Our conversation focused more on the company than we do typically, as Kespry is a proxy for the use of drones in industrial IoT. The discussion covered some of the challenges, opportunities and successes from the collection of high resolution visual imagery and application of AI-enhanced analytics as well as the broad opportunities ahead. Noteworthy startups highlighted include Uptake Software, C3IOT, and Cape Analytics.

Book Recommendation:

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz


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