Apr 26, 2019
| 3 min read

May 7-9

Join Trevor Curwin at SAP Sapphire Now

Join Trevor Curwin, Principal Partner with Momenta, and Head of our Intelligence Practice, at SAP Sapphire Now, May 7-9, 2019, in Orlando, for an event focused on the operations optimization, customer experience and business innovation found in digital transformation.

“Staring at a whiteboard, trying to imagine success is a pale substitute for hearing first-hand the stories of innovation, overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunity,” SAP says about their Sapphire event. The conference will give attendees a chance to hear first hand about the discovering “the art of the possible” in digital transformation.

 You’ll get to hear client use cases first-hand and keynotes presentation designed to make you think. SAP also promises a show floor experience designed to help you visualize how you’d manage your innovation journey.

“How do you drive business innovation? Apply intelligence to improve decisions? Delight customers? Build an engaged workforce?  Optimize your resources? And how do you do all of that against a backdrop of rapidly changing technology?” asks SAP of Sapphire’s attendees. You’ll want to be there for all three days of presentations, workshops and discussions to hear how your peers are tackling these tough challenges and how they’re realizing ROI and other benefits from implementing new technologies, from real-time analytics to next-gen cloud integration to blockchain.

Trevor Curwin will be joining roundtable discussions on various aspects of digital transformation, as well as meeting 1-on-1 with SAP clients to hear their stories about achieving bottom-line results from investments in their digital futures.


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