Sep 6, 2018
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DCD Sydney by Jim Fletcher

DCD’s recent event in Sydney Australia explored the opportunities and challenges of data infrastructure in the APAC region, including how companies can adapt to the requirements of the new era. One of the key topics was Edge computing and how to manage a hybrid IT architecture that meets data requirements. The event featured thought leaders and experts representing technology vendors, enterprises and data center operators. 

The event included 30 presentations and case studies, four panel sessions, one-on-one contact sessions plus a range of roundtable discussions on industry-critical issues, all tailored for owners and operators of data centers and consumers of their services.

I was fortunate to keynote the event with a focus on the impact of Edge computing. Additional speakers included Yuval Bachar, Global Infrastructure Architecture at LinkedIn; Peter Adcock, VP Design APAC, Digital Realty; and Glenn Allan, Service Performance Manager, Data Centers at the National Australia Bank; Andrew Kicker, General Manager - Data Centers, Schneider Electric, Professor Ian Bitterlin, Consulting Engineer and Visiting Professor, Leeds University, and Robert Linsdell, Managing Director, Vertiv Corporation.

Topics explored: 

  • The path into Edge computing: The first morning of DCD>Australia was dedicated to a half-day seminar, DCD Edge Focus Seminar, offering practical understanding and insights from local and international experts, detailed case studies and technology demonstration in order to develop recommendations that will give shape and direction to strategies for realizing Edge opportunities.
  • Key impact factors: IoT, 5G, business transformation. How to plan and source effectively to match infrastructure deployment with these requirements.
  • How to continue optimizing performance, security, visibility, and efficiency while bridging the gap between continuing technological innovation and business outcomes.
  • The impact of Industrie 4.0 on data centers and the key technological solutions for future proofing the data center



A growing market

The digitalization of the Australian economy continues apace. Recent DCD research confirms that out of the APAC region, Australia is the most likely to invest directly in infrastructure as part of a transformative process. While focused on the Australia market, the event did a great job of bringing in a worldwide perspective, and comparing those challenges and opportunities with those in Australia and New Zealand.

There was a definite focus on looking forward with the acknowledgment that analysts and stakeholders agree that digital infrastructure will need to meet service requirements that are increasingly unpredictable, quick to emerge and change, and disruptive of traditional delivery models. This includes the sources of requirement through infrastructure design and management to delivery including the future evolution and roles of cloud, hyperscale, Edge, and colocation. Presenters explored how disruption will affect core delivery processes and profiles and the challenges of legislation and compliance and education.


The Edge is key 

There was considerable discussion about the role of Edge and the impact that it will have on both traditional and emerging data centers. Representative views were given from traditional data center experts, academic leaders, and industry experts with agreement that we will continue to see significant growth in the volume, velocity, and veracity of data collected but with no clear agreement (yet) on where that data will ultimately be processed and what level of specificity it will be retained.

Strong agreement however was present that Edge will be a key aspect of emerging data center architectures, and that Edge processing infrastructure will range from small tailored processing nodes, to smaller traditional style data centers. Agreement was also clear that the connectivity between the nodes in the network will need an increasingly level of flexibility and dynamic scalability.

 DCD does a great job of bringing in a range of speakers that get the audience to think - they aren't just presentations but instead a blend of interesting topics, with industry leader panels to debate and drive deeper understanding of key issues. 




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