Momenta Edge Podcast #22: How Community Can Bridge Tech and Society as the Era of AI Approaches – A Conversation With Charlie Oliver


Charlie Oliver is the CEO and founder of ServedFresh Media and founder of Tech2025, a leading technology-focused community based in the New York City area. Our conversation covered the emergence of online communities in the late 2000s and the genesis of Tech2025 in late 2016. She discusses the divide that exists between people that work in the tech industry and average citizens, and the potential value that emerges from putting people together from different backgrounds. Charlie shares her observations of the changing views of AI and tech companies by the public, and the need to have collaborative conversations to avert further backlash against the tech industry. Charlie is an experienced podcaster and communicator, and this conversation highlights the challenges and opportunities that emerge from curated communities. 



The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder  


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