Feb 19, 2019
| 2 min read

Convergia Appoints Momenta Partners’ Strategy Partner, Tom Gilley as CTO

Momenta Partners is proud to announce that Tom Gilley will take on an expanded role as Chief Technology Officer for Convergia.

Tom Gilley has been a part of Momenta since March of 2016, at times leading our Ventures and Advisory practices. With a distinguished career as a technologist, entrepreneur and investor, Tom actively supported some of our notable advisory engagements including Xylem and Vestas and has lent valuable guidance and expertise to the team.

Through Momenta, Tom has served as a “virtual CTO” for companies such as WindRiver and Future Electronics. As part of the Future Electronics assignment, Tom was instrumental in helping to develop a new business line centered around Convergia. This opportunity has grown into a full time CTO position.

Convergia is an international service provider and technology integrator offering Internet, Data, Networking, Cloud Services, Voice, Mobility, Hardware, Value Added Services & Professional Solutions for business and wholesale customers with over 15 years of experience in the IT market.

Momenta Partners wishes Tom well in his new role as CTO and looks forward to future collaboration with him and Convergia.


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