Webinar #8: Connecting the World at Large: Exploring LPWA Technologies and Opportunities


We are excited to invite you to our next webinar on Low Power Wide Area Networks. This webinar will explore the variety of  low-power, wide area network technologies at market, how they differ, and the various criteria that need to be considered before a business should invest into a LPWA structure. 

Momenta's Ed Maguire and special guests will take a critical look at the current market landscape, providing deep industry insights by experienced technologists who will share first-hand use cases and offer thought-provoking insights into how this technology is transforming connected industry. 



We'll take a look at

  • The current market landscape
  • The different types of LPWA technologies
  • How LPWA technologies can solve unique problems 
  • How to incorporate LPWA technologies into your business
  • Tips and pointer for LPWA success
  • And much more....