Jan 18, 2019
| 3 min read

Podcast #33

Building Meaningful Connected Value - by  Rami Avidan

Rami Avidan is a serial entrepreneur, the former CEO of Wyless Group and Tele2 IoT, and was creating connected solutions for customers even before the terms M2M and IoT came into broad usage. Our conversation touched on the growing interest in driving social impact from business today, the evolution of what has come to be known as IoT and key dynamics involved in advancing success. He highlights key distinctions in the evolution of carriers and connectivity resellers, the importance of building an ecosystem and best practices to cultivate success, the importance of leadership in advancing digital transformation, and the multiple dimensions of business value being created across different industries.

Book Recommendation:

Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company by Andrew S. Grove  


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