Apr 4, 2019
| 4 min read


Aligning Tech and Business for Transformation Success

This series highlights the key insights and lessons from our Digital Leadership series of podcasts. We spotlight the important takeaways from our interviews in an accessible format. The following insights come from Jean Turgeon or "JT", VP and CTO for Digital Transformation at AvayaStay tuned for the full podcast interview with JT next week, in the meantime, take a look at our full library of podcasts.

What’s your background and what led you to your current role?
I started my career back in 1982-83, so its been quite a journey from the IBM mainframes. We like to say there is a major wave every 10 years. I was one of the first to raise my hand to learn something new, to drive to the next level. As I evolved my career I started in marketing, sales, support, product line management to leading an entire business unit. Over the last 6 years it became apparent that it was about bringing the right technology together to bring new experiences. That’s when I transitioned from Nortel to Avaya to create something new and innovative. The conversation with customers was transforming from technology to line of business oriented. That’s why its so exciting to be in tech.

Can you talk about your role in enabling IoT?

The IoT platform and analytics are going to fuel DX and personalization. As we start deploying smart sensors and technologies we have to look at all of the analytics output and make sense of this in real time. We often focus on negative circumstances, shocks to the system, but being able to take a heart rate and build a profile is valuable. It’s about turning to positive outcomes as much as possible. You need sensors as well as a powerful analytics platform that ties to assistance and support.

What does digital transformation mean to you?

DX is a way to transform experience and provide choices to a broad population that will be consuming services in different ways. Things differ across the world, but when you look across countries that are proceeding at a different pace, there is transformation happening and new services evolving. It’s allowing technologies to evolve and services to be pursued according to the customer’s preferred choice.



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