Momenta Edge Podcast #18: Cracking the Myths and Misperceptions of Culture - An Interview With Cognitive Anthropologist David White



David White is a principal at Ontos Global, a boutique consulting firm based in Berkeley, CA and the author of Rethinking Culture: Embodied Cognition and the Origin of Culture in Organizations. Our conversation explored his deep background into organizational culture, the evolution of cognitive anthropology and some of the misperception around culture  - what it is, why it’s important, and why it’s so difficult for organizations to change. White discussed insights from the past thirty years of research into the brain, illuminating how organizational culture is shaped by the industry and the daily tasks of the people within. Our conversation explores the role of language, leadership and technology, challenges and new approaches for organizations to transform their culture to become more effective. 


Book Recommendation:

Rethinking Culture: Embodied Cognition and the Origin of Culture in Organizations (Routledge Studies in Organizational Change & Development) by David White

Cognition in the Wild by Ed Hutchins

Culture as a System: How We Know the Meaning and Significance of What We Do and Say by David Kronenfeld

Ontos Global – Resources



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