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Welcome to the Momenta Edge podcast series, which feature leading practitioners and thinkers across Connected Industry, Digital Transformation (DX) and the digital technology landscape.  The podcast format allows for more free-form and in-depth explorations of topics of interest, and we’re targeting guests that provide unique perspectives and practical experience on connected industries and technologies, and relevant adjacencies. Keep an eye out for our upcoming guests.  We welcome any comments, feedback or show suggestions – please send to

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Ed Maguire
Insights Partner: New York
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner: New York
Ed brings more than 17 years of Wall Street experience in equity research and investment banking to Momenta, with deep domain expertise in enterprise software.  He has proven success identifying strategic opportunities and articulating actionable insights based on rigorous analysis of technology, operations, competition and markets.  Most recently he was senior analyst and managing director at CLSA Americas covering the software industry, technology and innovation.

Posted by Ed Maguire - Insights Partner on July 19, 2018

Insight Vector: Find the One: Reinventing Recruitment - Get Rewarded Looking For a Job

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Blockchain for Recruitment

David Hayat is the CEO of which produces the Verv, a smart home energy monitoring product. David spent almost two decades at the forefront of strategy and innovation working his way through the ranks to senior management at Accenture, a global IT consulting firm that employs almost half a million people in 120 countries. David's most recent position was as the managing director of Accenture's Ecosystem of the Future, leading a global team examining strategies for the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and the ways in which it can help develop the innovative economy. He's is also currently working on several ICO’s.

Our conversation explored how is exploring new ways to provide incentives for different stakeholders in the recruiting and talent management field. Davit Hayat shares his vision around the shifting power dynamics between companies and talent, and talks about how is using blockchain technology to re-imagine new networks for companies and job seekers.

Posted by Ed Maguire - Insights Partner on July 18, 2018

Momenta Edge Podcast #19: How Blockchain Can Support the Global Supply Chain: A Conversation With Sloan Brakefield and Jon Fox



Our conversation with Sloan Brakefied CEO and Jon Fox, Chairman of Fr8 Network covered the current state of the global supply chain, and the inherent inefficiencies of paper based processes. Brakefied and Fox discuss the unique technology challenges faced with the supply chain and how blockchain technology represents a new approach to solving long time challenges for market participants. The conversation touched on key use cases where blockchain technology could be transformative, the challenges of evangelizing new technologies and a look into the future.  

Posted by Cate Lawrence - Marketing Associate on July 13, 2018

Books About the Future and their Influence on Connected Industry Practitioners and Thought-Leaders

Advisory Insights

                At Momenta we're privileged to have access to some of the greatest thinkers, innovators and practitioners in Connected Industry.

During our Insight Vectors or Podcast interviews, we always ask for books recommendations. We've seen these recommendations falling into three broad themes: Futurism, Psychology of Self (and Humanity) and Tools for Digital Transformation. To highlight these, we're releasing a series of three posts detailing notable recommendations. 

Posted by Ed Maguire - Insights Partner on July 11, 2018

Momenta Edge Podcast #18: Cracking the Myths and Misperceptions of Culture - An Interview With Cognitive Anthropologist David White



David White is a principal at Ontos Global, a boutique consulting firm based in Berkeley, CA and the author of Rethinking Culture: Embodied Cognition and the Origin of Culture in Organizations. Our conversation explored his deep background into organizational culture, the evolution of cognitive anthropology and some of the misperception around culture  - what it is, why it’s important, and why it’s so difficult for organizations to change. White discussed insights from the past thirty years of research into the brain, illuminating how organizational culture is shaped by the industry and the daily tasks of the people within. Our conversation explores the role of language, leadership and technology, challenges and new approaches for organizations to transform their culture to become more effective. 


Posted by Cate Lawrence - Marketing Associate on July 10, 2018

Value Vector: 7 Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Digital Transformation

Advisory Insights


With technological advancements embedding themselves in every component of our lives, it follows that bricks and mortar, paper-wedded and legacy-based businesses are opening their eyes to the potential of digital transformation. It has promises of greater insights, increased efficiency, cost-cutting and new monetization models. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions enable breakthrough results by connecting the physical world to the digital world in ways that can turn pain points into competitive advantagesIoT technologies and solutions enable businesses to analyze data generated by sensors in a world of intelligent and connected devices. This data can transform your business, revealing hidden patterns and insights that can help you make more informed decisions and take action more quickly.  


Posted by Jim Fletcher - Strategy Partner on July 9, 2018

Impressions: IoT Slam

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Launched in December 2015 as a virtual conference, IoT Slam® has become one of the world’s premier IoT conferences. In 2017, the event format turned hybrid, with the inaugural live in-person event commencing at the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. The event developed from The Internet of Things Community, the world’s largest and longest standing CxO community of senior business leaders and IoT practitioners consisting of 22,000+ members. 

The event series has to date covered standards, interoperability, open source, integration, security, infrastructure, business models, research, innovation, best practices, technology, industry implementation and compliance from a horizontal enterprise industry perspective across the entire spectrum of IoT. The overall topics were much as would be expected including 5G, and the role of security. There were several sessions which had great titles, but were more focused on specific products from smaller companies.