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Ecosystem Fund

Accelerating Innovative Edge
Solutions Across Digital Industry

An Ecosystem of strategic investors and stakeholders focused on driving Digital Industry Edge applications.


Momenta is the leading Digital Industry Growth Partner firm, led by deep operating practitioners with strong entrepreneurial and corporate track-records, including notable exits to PTC and SAP.  


Investment Focus

Edge Spaces:

  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Smart Spaces
  • Supply Chain

Enterprise Enablers:

  • Applications
  • Management
  • Security

Investment Areas

Expand Supply Side
Invest in end devices driving more compelling edge capabilities and volume
Activate Demand Side
Create pull via investments that build 'high visibility' value on top of edge devices and data
Accelerate Enterprise Deployment Capabilities
Invest in companies that support and facilitate the deployment of devices at scale
Building robust companies powered by Low Power, Wide Area Networks applications. Focusing primarily on investments around the LoRaWAN standard.



we’ve backed



Why Invest in LPWAN?

  • Global LPWAN market to grow to USD 24 bn in 2021, CAGR of 90%

  • Three billion LPWAN connected devices forecast by 2021

  • LoRaWAN is the defacto standard complementing emerging 5G offerings

Community Building

To drive further innovation into the LPWAN ecosystem Momenta will provide:
  • Direct and cross-portfolio cultivation
  • Thought-leadership on the ecosystem
  • On-line community building
  • Hackathons, pitch competitions
Community Building

Pitch Your Startup

Ensure that your company aligns with Momenta’s Investment Focus/Areas strategy and positioning
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